Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mulakan dengan jari paling kanan?

Hello everybody..
Actually this is not my first post but yes, my first post after a few renovation on my blog..
I've planned several title to post on this blog related to my life (previous, present, future and hereafter) -perhaps-
Before everything becomes long and longer I'd like to share something to all of you; the secret of my heart..

I want to be a doctor really bad.. I got the chance, and I grabbed it.. Here I am, in my journey to be a doctor.. However, sometimes I feel that being a doctor is not something that really suits me.. Ugh,, But I've already chose my path.. ALLAH, help me to get trough this well~

I letak gambar sikitlah kat sini :P

Library tempat I bertapa tiap hari