Wednesday, February 20, 2013

DAY 3: Getting Better In What Way?

Today is extremely tiring.
With all of those social explicit contents, I think I'm immune to them.
Getting better in adapting myself but I am sure I won't do that.

Someone please tell me, I will be strong enough to resist all the attempts that try to make my heart dark.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

DAY 2: To Do Or Not To Do

We came quite late in the morning lecture.
But the lecture session goes well until the next lecture which happened to be the prank from our seniors.
That was fun. |Its more than fun|
The next part is meeting with seniors.
This is where the credibility of me, as a Muslim, was a bit distracted.
The openness was not in the way that we, Muslims used to learn and practice.
Its an absolute openness in the conversation relating to sex and pornography.
I'm a Muslim.
Its okay.
The believes and social background are different.
In Shaa Allah, everything will be fine

Someone please tell me, just take the difference as the way for you to strengthen your believe and improve yourself to be a better person in interacting with others.

A Big Step For A Big Dream To Actually Happen


HeHo :D
Sharing the feelings when I am now officially a medical student (Alhamdulillah)~

Nothing To Expect
To tell everyone the truth, I am the first one in my family who's accepted to enter a medical school.
Obviously, they are all not interested in such career and way of life.
Thus, I got no tales, fictions nor myths about medical school from firsthand experience.
I don't really know what's going on and what will happen in the future.
Please someone tell me, "Its okay, this is only your first day".

Where's My Confidence?
I've left the routine of studying for so long. More than two months and all my skills of studying just somehow vanished.
And as everyone will expect that medical student should spend more and most time on studying, I don't have the confidence to do so.
Am I good enough for this?
Is this the right choice I've made?
Please someone tell me, "Don't worry. You're not used to the surrounding yet. Later you'll find yourself comfortable with this".

And Where's My Friendly Lalalala Attitude?
I'm nervous. I'm curious.
I couldn't drag my mouth to start a conversation with others.
No, not on the first day.
I am a good chatter and why is that in all of sudden I became a silent little coward?
Please someone tell me, "Cheer up. Everyone feels the same. Its a very new environment. Get your act straight and you'll be fine".