Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Welcome to the big big world :D

Ahah, there's nothing much to talk about.
June reminds me of something big that happened in my life.
In fact the biggest thing that changed my whole route of my monotonous life.
What is it?
Let me keep it as a secret :D
It may be very shameful to share about it here though~

Lately, I've got this very big problem.
Every single time I tried to pull myself away from that thing, I just couldn't help it.
Yeah, I feel like the biggest sinner in the world for this.
Alhamdulillah, now I feel better as I manage to get my sense of consideration back, to think of every single stuff as a serious business.
Life is not a joke, guys.
If you do something wrong, you may seek for forgiveness, or repentance but that thing will always haunt you.

Maybe I've neglected some important aspects and thus, I felt like a NOT ME.
Hahah, what's that?
Whatever lah kan.
Lets be the real me.
The one that when she smiles, she meant it. The one that when she talk, she thinks of it.
And the most crucial part is, a daughter that her parents can be proud of, her family can be relied on and her friends can be trusted on.

Additional to all these things, I just can't help myself from thinking that I may not be on the right path; the oath that I really want to follow. Someone please tell me, this is the best path for me and I have to endure all the challenges that come as they are all tests from Allah S.W.T :D