Tuesday, July 2, 2013

To Change

It is easier said than done. To change means to sacrifice the things that has been a part of your life for so long. To leave your habit that add the spice to your monotonous life. To stay away from your friends and fun that usually cheer up your weekends. But you have to. Even if you’re wearing a cloth with some stain on it, your mum and even you yourself want it to be changed. Then what if we’ve committed too much sins, and our wrongdoings are piling up, covering our good deeds? Change.
To change is not about doing big things abruptly. It is not about all or none thingy, where you have to change every single thing in your life all at once or you don’t have to change at all. Take one step at a time. Or  you couldn’t afford it. Yes, some may but believe me, most couldn’t. In life, we don’t see a little kid is born and suddenly can talk. Yes, in some cases but how rare does this happen and in what purpose does Allah let this happening? The talking kids are big names in Islam, that convey the truth with the permission of Allah Almighty. But we’re ordinary people. We want to change and straighten our path towards the ridha of Allah. We want to leave our way of life that had bring us far far away from Allah. That’s why we want to change.
We’re not talking about waking up in the middle of the night, performing 8 rakaat of prayer or spending half of our salary every month for charity, suddenly. Yes, we may not that but I’m afraid that if its too sudden, it’ll be hard to stay istiqamah. Change the small things first. Our niat on doing every single thing, have we specify it just for Allah? The things about Islam that we’ve learned in primary scohol, have we practiced them all? Have we recited basmalah in every single deed? Have we entered the toilet by our left foot? Have we practiced reciting the prayer of entering and leaving the toilet, sleeping and waking up, leaving and entering home and other prayers that we’ve learned since we were kids? Have we?
Yes, we can do big things straight away but remember, the small things can lead to big effects. If we start to do the small small things in life, we’ll appreciate the big things even more. We’re doing small things that remind us of Allah in every deed. Then it’ll give us strength to do the big things. Because small things taught us to believe, remember and be loyal to Allah at all times. In Shaa Allah.
Finally, lets change to be a better muslim. Change positively, and the most important is istiqamah.
p/s this is the expression of my thoughts, may be wrong but lets just take the good thing and live a good islamic way of life :D

Someone please tell me, I can change myself positively, lillah.